You can support us

  • Child education
  • Children homes
  • Blood donation camps
  • Rice distribution to poor families
  • Medical camps
  • Community awareness programmes
  • Financial aid to widows
  • Old age homes
  • Financial aid to HIV/AIDS patients
  • Rest homes for the orphans




1.The objects of the trust for which the trustee's will be entitled to spend the income of the trust for the following activities hereinafter mentioned.
2. Conducting awareness programs for HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Chicken pox/small pox and other big ailments.

3. Providing free education to economically and socially weaker sections irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

4. Organize medical camps especially in rural/slum/tribal areas to the poor and needy and also distribution of free medicines to the patients.

5.To distribute rice and essential commodities to those who are living below poverty line.

6. Literacy camps to educate illiterate people

7. Arranging matrimonial alliances and performing marriages to the poor people.

8.To establish, run and maintain old age home for the aged to take care and to help them feel and warmth of love and affection of fellow human beings towards them in the declining stage of their age.

9. To take care of orphans, needy and disabled persons from all communities by providing homes and rest houses.

10.To render services to the disabled and physically handicapped persons and to do all other things that may be necessary to secure gainful self-employment to such persons.

11.To donate either in cash or in kind, support, help, aid and render assistance to all classes and institutions which have objects similar to those of the trust and which deserve support by reasons of locality of operation or otherwise.

12.To help widows financially to those who are living below poverty line.

13.To do generally all such things and matters as are conducive to the general objects of the trust provided however that nothing shall be decided to include any object which is not of a “CHARITABLE” nature within the meaning of the provisions of the income tax act, 1961.

14.To strive for communal harmony through secular ideals.

15.Support for livelihood activities to those who are below poverty line.

16.Providing text books, note books uniform school & hostel fees etc.

17.Training and awareness.

18.Health checkups and referrals.

19.Special homes for childs and old age.

20. providing food to poor childrens.

Every child should be educated and treated equally With dignity and respect.

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